1st November 2019 - 30th November 2019

The Blue Friday team will interview each contestant during the contest.
• The contestant will be asked about their preparations for the contest.
• The contestant will be asked about the details on how they make creatives using spy tools.
• The contestant will be asked about how they run their ads.

In the meantime, the Blue Friday team will release the video clips of the whole process on how they promote the offers regularly.

The top 8 winners will get

1.Enrolled to Blue Friday University for free;
2.The Membership for Blue Friday “The $10,000 Daily Income Club”;
3.Idvert and Youmi spy tool VIP accounts.


  • Idvert (Spy Tool)

  • Youmi (Spy Tool)

  • Voluum (Tracker)

  • ClickDealer (Network)

  • YeahMobi(Network)

  • Nutralight Ads (Network)

  • WeweMedia(Network)

More networks to be notified…

About the sponsorship

The sponsor should provide at least $5,000 as the sponsorship for this competition.
The Blue Friday team will help the sponsor in long term promotions, for both online and offline activities; for network and tracker partners we will use your system in our Blue Friday University courses. This will give you an in-depth exposure and help increase your brand awareness.

VC Funds

  • Shenzhen Capital Group

  • Cowin Capital

  • Grand View Capital

  • Oriental Fortune Capital

  • Nuts Capital

  • 3W Capital

Media Support


1. Media buy teams, affiliates, webmasters or anyone who has traffic from all over the world.
2. The number of contestants will be around 100 teams.
Registration period: From now on to 23rd October 2019.


1. The contestant should create a team (no more than three people);
2. The contestant should start with the affiliate network account provided by Blue Friday;
3. The promotion results will be evaluated once a week;
4. We will announce the winners on 15th December 2019. The awards will be received by the winners while connecting them with VC funds.

Offer rules

We will evaluate the advantages of each network and select one category of offers from each network.
The top 3 contestants who have the highest revenue will be named as winners.

Network partner requirements

1. Should provide us offers with unlimited budget, since we will be sending a great amount of traffic.
2. Should provide a dedicated AM team.
3. Should offer a certain percentage of the revenue as the contest bonus; besides the bonus, the network can also make extra sponsorship and be a long-term partner with us. This will increase your brand awareness and you will be exposed in the affiliate market through our promotion, and we will use the network's system in the Blue Friday University courses.

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